List of Recordings of the 16 Informants

The name of each informant is folliowed by the name of the farm and the community, or the village, and the county (s´ysla ) where he has lived the greater part of his life (see the map, where the informants are located by the numbers preceding their names below).

Map of Iceland (bottom right corner), with a detail of Breiafjörur.

The tapes labelled 102 were recorded in the summers of 1958 and 1959 by Hallfrur Ö. Eiriksson. All other labels first indicate the name of the collector(s):

E Hallfreur Ö. Eiriksson.
EK Hallfreur Ö. Eiriksson and Thorkild Knusden.
EN Hallfreur Ö. Eiriksson and Svend Nielsen.
HJ Helga Jóhansdottir.
HJJS Helga Jóhansdottir and Jón Samsonarson.
MS Stephen L.Mosko and Hreinn Steingrímsson.
NS Njáll Sigursson and Hreinn Steingrímsson.

Numbers following the intials of the collector(s) indicate the year of the recording and the number of the tape. Thus EK64/48 means that Hallfreur Ö. Eiriksson and Thorkíld Knudsen made the recording int he year 1964 and that the numer of the tape is 48.

1 Ebenezer Ebenezersson. Bíldudalur, V-Barastrandarsysla (b. 1883 and brought up in Baraströnd). 102-n

2 Gisli Elísson. Vatnabúir, Snæfellsnes (b. 1899). EK 64/48-49.

3 Gumundur Ólafsson. Ytrafell, Fellsströnd, Dalasysla (b. 1896). E67/169, E67/121-173, E68/157-159.

4 Gunnar H. Alexandersson. Hellisandur, Snæfellsnes (b. 1897. HJ71/72-73, HJ 73, MS74/5-7.

5 Hansborg Jónsdóttir. Einarslón, Snæfellsnes (b. 1898). E66/4, E66/7.

6 Jon Ásmundsson. Nortunga, Therárhli, Myrasysla (b. 1886). E66/21-22.

7 Jónas Finnbogason. Bolungavík, Grunnavíkurhr., N-Ísafjararsysla (b. 1887). 102-e.

8 Jónína Ólafsdóttir. Mihli, Barastönd, V-Barastrandarsysla (b. 1883). 102-r, 102-s.

9 Karl Gumundsson. Valshamar, Geiradalshr., A-Barastrandarsysla (b. 1885 in Arnkötludalur, Strandasysla). 102-t, E72/24-26, NS75/39-40.
10 Kristín Pétursdóttir. Svefneyjar, A-Barastrandarsysla (b. 1887) EK64/46, NS75/31.

11 Kristján Bjartmarz. Stykkishólur, Snæfellsnes (b. 1886 in Saubær, Dala sysla). EN65/41-42, EN65/51-52, HJ69/ ths 106.

12 Margrét Kristjánsdóttir. Bugustair, Hörudalur, Dalasysla (b. 1900). HJ63/23, HJ73.

13 Pétur Ólafsson. Stóratunga, Fellsströnd, Dalasysla (b. 1895, Gumundur's brother). EN67/12-14, E67/168-189, E67/127-173, EN68/18-33, E68/147-157, E68/159.

14 Sigurur Kristjánsson. Hrisdalur, Miklholshr., Snæfellsnes (b. 1884). EK64/43-44, EK64/51, EN65/39-40.

15 Thorgils Thorgilsson, Thorgilsstair, Fróárhr., Snæfellsnes (b. 1884). EK64/49-50, EN65/29-30.

16 Thórur Gubjartsson, Patreksfjörur, V.-Barastrandarsysly (b. 1891 in Múlahr., A-Barastrandarsysla). 102-o, EN65/2-3, EN65/5, EN65/7, EN67/1-3, EN67/7-8, HJJS70/145-146, MS741-4.




Note on Transcriptions

Bar-lines are drawn according to the division of the text into lines and line-members of half-lines. A half-circle above a note indicates a light lengthening. An upwards pointing arrow indicates slight sharpening and a downwards pointing arrow a slight flattening (near 50 cents in both cases). Accidentals (sharps and flats) are valid for the measure. Vocal glides are indicated by diagonal lines. Dots and dotted lines above the staff indicate tremolo and wavy lines trills. A number before first text line indicates the place of the stanza in the performance (no number indicates that the performance consists of only one stanza). Syllables in parenthesis do not belong to the text proper. A double bar indicates the end of the performance.

Transcriptions 1, 2 & 3

Transcription 4 & 5

Transcriptions 6 & 7

Transcriptions 8, 9 & 10

Transcription 11

Transcription 12 & 13

Transcription 14

Transcriptions 15 & 16

Transcriptions 17, 18 & 19

Transcriptions 20, 21 & 22

Transcription 23

Transcription 24

Transcriptions 25, 26, 27 & 28

Transcriptions 29, 30 & 31

Transcriptions 32, 33, 34, 35 & 36

Transcriptions 37 & 38

Transcription 39